Down to the Final Stretch

The final stretch is upon us! December 15th is right around the corner and we cannot wait to get all moved in! The task at hand may seem like a challenge, and it is. We might have to start off without and elevator, which isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it would be

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Happy Thanksgiving!

The place is a lot less chaotic and messy this week, making it much easier to sulk in the glory of where we’re at so far. As you can see, the floors are coming along throughout the entire office. Painting is almost at the finish line, it’s starting to feel more like a workspace instead

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Who’s Cookin’?

We have progressed quite a bit since our last post. Starting with the floors, which, surprisingly aren’t new. Those are the same floor boards as we had before, just with a little TLC added. Not ripping up quality wood was a huge money saver and a great way to keep more original hardware. Now, let’s

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A Change Over Time

One of the coolest parts about staying in DeKalb is the amazing history. Since DeKalb was incorporated in 1856, there have been some great additions to the town, including Northern Illinois University, The Egyptian Theatre, and of course, Sundog IT. Looking at our exact location, there have been two businesses prior to us, that have

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Mission Visits Sundog

We would just like to give a quick shout out to the Northern Illinois University Alumni Association for bringing their good boy, Mission to the building. It was nice have an actual dog mixed in with our Sundogs. Sundog takes pride in showing school spirit by wearing red and black on Friday’s and we’ll continue

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Happy Halloween from the Sundog Team!

Happy Halloween from the Sundog team! We told you all last week that once we get some paint on these walls, it would really begin to look like a workplace, and look at it now! Do you see it? It looks like pretty sweet place to work! The color pattern is phenomenal! The dark red

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Walls are Done!

We’re officially able to bounce off the walls with excitement! No, like we literally can bounce off the walls since the framework is done, not just for the walls surrounding the offices, but the tech area as well. We have a pretty clear image now of what everything will look like. While the white paint

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Walls Going Up, On a Tuesday

Walls going up, on a Tuesday! Well, folks, would you look at that, we have some walls being installed. Obviously, we’ve had the 4 walls already up, but now things are shaping up to look like an office. Pardon the mess right now, the construction crews have been working diligently every day to get this

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Duct Work Installation

We just need to take a moment to vent… Get it? Because we have vents in the building…that’s alright, we’ll see ourselves out now. But, the duct work is being installed! In all seriousness, having a ventilation system is crucial for any building. In fact, there is something called Sick Building Syndrome, which can lead

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Wow! Can you believe that just a few months ago, this project had just started? We had no idea this would take off as fast as it did. When a goal of December 1st came across the desk, it seemed impossible. Now we’re in the final stages. It seems like there’s a lot left to

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