img blog Tornados Floods and Earthquakes

Tornados, Floods, and Earthquakes Oh My! Why You Need A Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan

Living in Northern Illinois, we face the risks of tornados, flash floods, and even occasional earthquakes. While many organizations have plans to safeguard their employees during these natural disasters, what about the critical data stored on servers and workstations? Mother Nature doesn’t always provide advance notice when she unleashes destruction. However, having a Backup and

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img blog How to Stay FocBig Tech Company Admits It's Listening to You

Big Tech Company Admits It’s Listening To You

We’ve all suspected our devices are listening to us. How else could the clothing company you just told your sister about over brunch show up as a targeted ad on your Instagram feed? The tech community has largely denied listening without our permission. In fact, in 2017, Facebook had to publicly deny that it listens

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img blog Old Malware New Trick

Old Malware, New Tricks

An old malware scam is reemerging with dangerous new tricks, causing significant problems for anyone who uses a web browser – i.e., nearly all of us. Hackers using the “update your browser” scam found new ways to hide malicious files, making it harder for security experts to locate and remove them. We’ll see more of

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img blog Say Hello to Your Personal AI Assitan

Say Hello to Your Personal AI Assistant

According to the Work Trend Index Annual Report: Will AI Fix Work?, 64% of people have struggled with finding time and energy to get their work done, and the amount of time spent in Microsoft Teams meetings and calls has tripled per week since February of 2020 1. With less time to accomplish tasks, employees

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The Critical Role of IT Audits in Modern Businesses Img

Behind the Screens: The Critical Role of IT Audits in Modern Businesses

The use and adoption of technology is rapidly increasing in today’s workforce. Think about it, most of the workforce is utilizing computers to do their jobs in some capacity. This extends from business owners continually accessing confidential documents, to teachers crafting lesson plans, cashiers processing transactions through point-of-sale systems, and mechanics logging your vehicle for

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Insurance Featured Image

Discover the Crucial Importance of Cyber Insurance for Your Organization

In today’s interconnected world, cyber threats are on the rise. Protecting your organization from data breaches, hacking incidents, and other cyber risks is a top priority. That’s where cyber insurance comes in. What exactly is cyber insurance and what does it cover? Simply put, it’s a policy that provides financial protection in case of a

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