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Take Our Quiz, Save Your Biz!

Ok, maybe a quiz won’t exactly save your business, but we had to have a little fun with the title. In all seriousness though, keeping your business safe online can feel like a lot to manage on your own. That’s why we put together this simple quiz to cover 10 of the most important things

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img blog Cybersecurity Why Your Employees Are Your First Line of Defense 

Cybersecurity: Why Your Employees Are Your First Line of Defense 

Cyberattacks are an ever-growing threat to businesses of all sizes, especially with the rise in AI and automation software enabling cyber criminals to rapidly target more and more people and businesses. A recent study found that 68% of data breaches come from human error, while only 15% of companies provide ongoing cyber awareness training to

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img blog Is Your Business Vulnerable from a Hidden Cyber Threat

Is Your Business Vulnerable from a Hidden Cyber Threat? 

Did you know a staggering 54% of organizations face attempted cyberattacks on internet-connected devices (IoT) every single week? These aren’t just your computers and servers—it’s your Wi-Fi, cameras, printers, Bluetooth speakers, Alexa devices, cell phones, access points, even fax machines. With the number of IoT devices projected to explode to over 207 billion by the

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Tornados, Floods, and Earthquakes Oh My! Why You Need A Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan

Living in Northern Illinois, we face the risks of tornados, flash floods, and even occasional earthquakes. While many organizations have plans to safeguard their employees during these natural disasters, what about the critical data stored on servers and workstations? Mother Nature doesn’t always provide advance notice when she unleashes destruction. However, having a Backup and

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img blog How to Stay FocBig Tech Company Admits It's Listening to You

Big Tech Company Admits It’s Listening To You

We’ve all suspected our devices are listening to us. How else could the clothing company you just told your sister about over brunch show up as a targeted ad on your Instagram feed? The tech community has largely denied listening without our permission. In fact, in 2017, Facebook had to publicly deny that it listens

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img blog Old Malware New Trick

Old Malware, New Tricks

An old malware scam is reemerging with dangerous new tricks, causing significant problems for anyone who uses a web browser – i.e., nearly all of us. Hackers using the “update your browser” scam found new ways to hide malicious files, making it harder for security experts to locate and remove them. We’ll see more of

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