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Old Technology is Hurting Productivity in Illinois Manufacturing Plants

In today’s world, technology is constantly changing and evolving. For manufacturers, it is important to keep up to date with the latest technology in order to remain competitive. Unfortunately, many manufacturers are still using old technology which leads to increased downtime that greatly affects productivity and profitability. The return on investment with new technology will

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Crafting the Perfect Remote Environment to Stay Productive

Working from home offers the perfect chance to harmonize your career and personal life. Yet it isn’t always easy! Creating an effective remote workspace while staying focused while distractions abound takes some extra effort. That’s why we’re here today with a list of must-have tips for becoming a successful distance worker – along with amazing

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3 Digital Disruptions That Affect WFH Employees And How To Avoid Them

As more employees work from home, the risk of cyber-attacks grows. In 2020, between the months of March and July, nearly half of all businesses dealt with some sort of digital disruption. Some of the most common digital disruptions were: Worker Productivity Losses When hackers infiltrate company computers, they might steal employee identities. This won’t

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Boost productivity when working from home

If you think the idea of working from home sounds too good to be true, it’s not. Since the advent of the Internet, many business owners are open to the adoption of telecommuting, a strategy that allows their employees to work remotely in order to save commuting costs and time while increasing productivity. But of

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How to Boost Productivity in 2016

We all experience those days where we feel like we’ve been super productive and have managed to check off a bunch of tasks from our to-do list. But if you feel like these days are few and far between and you’d like to up the ante on a more consistent basis, it’s time to adopt

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