Walls Going Up, On a Tuesday

Walls going up, on a Tuesday!

Well, folks, would you look at that, we have some walls being installed. Obviously, we’ve had the 4 walls already up, but now things are shaping up to look like an office. Pardon the mess right now, the construction crews have been working diligently every day to get this done for us. If you’ve seen any recent photos, it’s clear to see we have cutouts of some sort of cubicle looking things, right? Well, to an extent they’ll be a version of a cubicle. These cutouts are going to house our Sundog techs. When the completion is done, the walls will be around 5 feet tall and will act as an individual workbench for each tech. This is still promoting our open-door mentality within our office while also giving our techs some much needed space to work.

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