Wow! Can you believe that just a few months ago, this project had just started? We had no idea this would take off as fast as it did. When a goal of December 1st came across the desk, it seemed impossible. Now we’re in the final stages. It seems like there’s a lot left to do, and there is.

The big highlight that recently took place was something called sandblasting. It may seem like it’s hard to notice, but if you look at the bricking on the wall, you’ll notice it looks cleaner and brighter. That is because they were all sandblasted! The name “sandblasting” is a tad bit misleading now, the process was in its name; small bits of sand were propelled at a surface to clean it. After discovering the excess inhalation of the sand lead to lung disease, a new route was taken. Now, it’s simply small particles that are blasted onto a surface, helping clean it up. All our bricking has received this treatment on the inside and it looks awesome!

Stay tuned till next week for more transformation photos!

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