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Protecting your organization and your patient’s valuable information

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Why choose Sundog:

HIPAA compliant technologies applied so you sleep soundly and avoid steep fines

Our proprietary industry best practices implemented to minimize downtime while helping you grow
No “band-aid fixes”. The right solution the first time
Hourly backups and a comprehensive cybersecurity package to protect your client data
A no hassle, smooth, professional approach to switch from your current provider
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24/7 Reliable and Responsive IT Support and Service

It’s never a good time for your laptop or desktop to freeze on you in the middle of filling out that last bit of paperwork for the day. The timing is even worse when you have dozens of people who are coming to you and your staff to help them through their medical woes. Keep the stress level of your patients and your staff down with proper IT management from Sundog.

Sundog has 24/7 support where we focus on preventing downtime and the fastest response times in Northern Illinois. With a team of industry certified engineers to support your organization, we’ll make sure your office runs smooth and is protected from the many cyberattacks you face in these turbulent times.

Learn how we have helped so many have great IT


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Our initial discovery session only takes 15 minutes! We will discuss your current roadblocks and issues surrounding IT. Based on your unique business needs, we can begin creating your roadmap for IT success.

It’s time to take downtime seriously. Discover why an MSP is your best ally against this threat. Download our free eBook today to learn more!

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