4 Ways To Make Sure Your Business Is Ready For What 2021 May Bring As you prep for the coming year, here are four things you need to give your business a serious edge. 1) Head To The Cloud. Back up your data to secure cloud storage. This makes it a breeze for you and

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Get Organized And Back On Track

TOP BUSINESS APPS TO GET YOU ORGANIZED If you’re struggling to stay on top of your work tasks, there are some great apps available to help out. Asana helps your business improve communication and collaboration. You can view all tasks and projects and follow progress on a communal board so you can communicate without having

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Successfully Convince A CEO In 3 Steps

Here is your chance. You don’t want to blow it. You have a meeting scheduled with a CEO. Your goal is to convince them … To spend $1 million on your product or service or to make a large donation to your cause To hire you, promote you or give you your dream job To

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Building Confidence As A Business Leader

How can you build your confidence as a CEO, investor or entrepreneur? My colleagues and I at ghSMART see many talented people work hard to build their confidence. New CEOs have impostor syndrome. Private equity investors who just raised another $1 billion in funds read newspaper headlines about the coming recession and quietly gulp. Self-made billionaire entrepreneurs worry that their fortunes will take an embarrassing hit. Newly elected government leaders worry about whether their results will live up to their campaign promises.

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