Who’s Cookin’?

We have progressed quite a bit since our last post.

Starting with the floors, which, surprisingly aren’t new. Those are the same floor boards as we had before, just with a little TLC added. Not ripping up quality wood was a huge money saver and a great way to keep more original hardware.

Now, let’s move into our brand spanking new Sundog limited edition kitchen. The odds are, everyone in the office eats at least once a day at the bare minimum. Most people know, when looking at any property, especially a house, a kitchen is one of the biggest selling points. We wanted to upgrade our kitchen and treat our Sundogs to a much-deserved improvement.

Now, the final part is the newly painted walls. Overall, the new coloring and the kitchen really help tie the entire office together. Based on how it looks thus far, it may seem like there isn’t much work left. Believe us, there’s still plenty to do including the elevator installation, moving in our furniture, and new lighting. These are some of the big things that are noticeable to the naked eye, then we have plenty of behind the scenes work to accomplish as well.

Keep checking in on social media for all the latest updates from Sundog!

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