What Our Clients Say

Sundog is Always There for Us … Even After Hours!!!

General Manager
“The biggest benefit to us has been the fact that we can give any IT problem, no matter how big or small, to the team at Sundog allowing us to go back to our work with a calm and confident feeling that our issue will be resolved. The follow through of Sundog’s staff is second to none. They are great at prioritizing the needs of our office. When something is urgent, they get a tech right on it, so that our office is minimally impacted. Even after hours, we love how accessible they are by having their technicians, who are extremely professional, yet personable, on-call and ready to serve. There is definitely a family vibe to the Sundog staff which is great! I would strongly recommend Sundog to any organization in need of IT services. When the need is high, we know Sundog is there for us. By having Sundog on our side, we are more productive than we were before them.

Budgeting for IT Was Never This Easy

“Before signing up for Sundog’s TotalCARE service, our IT costs fluctuated every month making it hard to predict what our IT spend would be. Since TotalCARE is a fixed fee service, we know that when we have IT issues, the work being to resolve the problem is included. Budgeting for IT was never this easy before. Plus, their team is kind and patient even when we are having an IT crisis. We are so glad we took the leap and engaged Sundog. If you make the switch, you won’t be disappointed!”

Excellent Follow Through and Communication

Office Manager
“Since moving to TotalCARE, we have been calling far less for IT support. Sundog performs regular maintenance checks and monitors our technology catching issues before there is a bigger problem. All without us not even knowing there was an issue to begin with. When they do have to handle issues in our office, their team is great at building and maintaining professional relationships with our staff. They have excellent follow through and communication when handling issues even when the problem ends up being something more outside the norm. I can think of many times when the Sundog team went above and beyond to make sure our needs were met. One time, we had an issue that two or three Sundog team members couldn’t get figured out and even the owner of the company ended up spending a couple hours at our office getting everything fixed. That’s a great example of the committed leadership at Sundog. If someone was on the fence about using Sundog for their IT needs, I would tell them I can’t think of one negative thing to say about the company or the employees.”

Our Customers Can Reach Who They Want...When They Want

“Before we went with Sundog’s VoIP phone system, it seemed like we were always dealing with missed calls. Now we have a much improved customer interface when they call in. Our customers can reach who they want, when they want, reliably and without the drama like before. And when we reach out to them, they provide an actual person to answer our questions, assist with training, and address issues in a timely manner. It is worth a lot to work with actual people who are experts in their field. It shows in every one of our interactions with them that their customers are what is most important!”

Everyone Has Been Extremely Helpful

Administrative Assistant
“With our old phone system, I had to make the modifications needed when we had to make a change. Things like putting in our holiday hours each year fell to me to do. But no longer with our new SundogVOICE phone system. I love how Sundog asks me now for all the days off that we have throughout the whole year and setup the voicemail for them. It is really appreciated! I have to say, since we switched over, everyone has been extremely helpful. I have always had to rely on volunteers within our church and they have full time jobs on top of volunteering, so needless to say, it has been GREAT having the Sundog crew available to us.

Peace of Mind... Confidence...Exceeded My Expectations

“The biggest benefit has been the “peace of mind” I have now because they free up my time to focus on other areas and projects that I have on my plate. They give us confidence that our systems are professionally maintained and monitored so we do not need to worry. Another huge benefit we receive has been their consistency. Each time an issue appears, I know their technicians understand our systems and I work with the same technicians each time (I do not have to explain our network, it’s configuration and the software we employ to a new “face” for each incident). For the last 18 years, Sundog has exceeded my expectations in an IT service provider. They have always been willing and able to assist us with each hardware, software, and network challenge we’ve faced.”

Initial Investment Was Considerably Less

Executive Director
Moving to SundogVOICE was a simple decision for us since the initial investment was considerably less than a traditional landline system which is a key driver in public service. The features of the phone system are also outstanding. Features like having my voicemail sent to my email inbox has been huge when traveling to multiple locations or out of the office for days at a time. The ability to forward calls to on-call staff for emergencies via the automated operator has been extremely smooth compared to handing out an emergency cell phone number to clients and rotating the cell phone between employees. Troubleshooting and changes are a simple email to the Sundog team with generally a same day fix versus needing onsite tech visits like we had with our old provider. We are so glad we pulled the trigger and partnered with Sundog and would recommend you do the same.”

Their Response Time for Questions and Issues is Excellent

Keith Foster
Managing Partner
Foster, Buick, Conklin and Lundgren, LLC
“Having multiple locations for our law offices, communication between them was always difficult. With Sundog’s VoIP phone system, we can now transfer calls between offices easily increasing our firm's productivity. We can also see when someone is on the phone at another location allowing us to quickly route calls to the appropriate person. Their response time for questions and issues is excellent. Nobody is as “solid” as Sundog. They have the people and the technology to meet your needs!”

One Word Comes to Mind … Expertise

“One word comes to mind when summing up our IT service provided by Sundog. Expertise. As a CEO, I know that we have access to IT expertise with the Sundog team that I don’t have on staff. We are in the food business – hiring and maintaining IT expertise on our staff is not our core, and we know we are better off letting Sundog provide this expertise. They are very responsive, and their staff is extremely friendly to work with. If there is ever a problem, they are committed to fixing it. Sundog is a firm you can trust to give you great service and high value.”

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