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Focus on your caseload, not your IT

Security. Productivity. Profits.

Law firms handle large amounts of confidential client data. What happens if one of your employees accidentally deletes it? Or a security breach compromises it? Don’t leave your data to chance.
Sundog provides law firms with a comprehensive protection plan that secures your sensitive client information from malware, disasters and human error, all while maintaining compliance and safeguarding your firm from costly penalties. What’s more, our Managed IT Services and Cloud Solutions maximize your productivity and billable hours, and keeps your attention where it counts — on your caseload, not your IT.

Key features of Sundog’s Legal IT Services:

Proactive IT strategy that minimizes downtime while promoting growth​

Cloud solutions for remote working, which frees your staff to work from anywhere​

HIPAA compliance to sleep soundly and avoid steep fines​

Cybersecurity to protect your vital data, uptime, and your firm’s reputation​

Recommendations on industry specific IT solutions, like timekeeping software and CRM tools​

Learn how we have helped so many have great IT


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Our initial discovery session only takes 15 minutes! We will discuss your current roadblocks and issues surrounding IT. Based on your unique business needs, we can begin creating your roadmap for IT success.

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