Bad IT Can Hurt Your Organization​

Decreased Productivity

Downtime and waiting for issues to be fixed waste valuable time and money.

Security Risks

Yesterday’s security measures are grossly inadequate today. Are you really secure from cybercrime?

Competitive Disadvantages

With so much technology out there, it is hard to know which will keep you ahead of the competition.

And Bad IT Support Can Hurt Even More

Poor communication

Your emails and calls are rarely returned or get missed at the most critical moments. You are always waiting for a response and you wait weeks for issues to get fixed.

Maintaining the status quo

IT support from them just means quick fixes without a plan for making technology work for you. They are always reactive and never proactive.

You’re just another number

Your business just becomes a number in a large pool of clients, processed by people who know nothing about your business. You have no technical advisor who knows and understands your organization.

We’re Ready to Help You Have Great IT

Sundog provides professional IT service and support to the DeKalb, Rockford, and Naperville areas. We respond quickly to service issues, can quickly upgrade your organization to be mobile, protect your data, and deliver easy cloud technologies you will love.

30 Years in Business

DeKalb Chamber Business of the Year

98% Customer Satisfaction


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The Sundog Way

Our initial discovery session only takes 15 minutes! We will discuss your current roadblocks and issues surrounding IT. Based on your unique business needs, we can begin creating your roadmap for IT success. 


We personally evaluate your current technology – not a copy and pasted report.


Based on our findings, we design a tailored solution and support plan that meets your goals.


We onboard you into our solution stack and you enjoy having modern IT with support you’ll love.

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