The Many Faces Of Corporate Leaders

Employees’ happiness at work is more important in the workforce than ever before, and that feeling of fulfillment and engagement often comes from the top. If you are aware of what type of leader you are and how your leadership affects employees and clients, you can mitigate your weaknesses and discover your strengths to ultimately

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Do These 4 Things To Grow Your Business

1. Don’t Let Yourself Become Complacent Success often leads to complacency. Businesses hit their stride, but that success isn’t going to stick if you aren’t constantly searching for new opportunities and adapting to change. 2. Have A Sense Of Urgency In the early days of your business, you may have had a sense of urgency.

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Blockchain and healthcare: what to expect

Blockchain is the newest technology to fuel the Silicon Valley hype train. Everyone is talking about the wonderful things it can do, but few have explained how it works in layman’s terms. Stay ahead of your competition with a crash course in this new and exciting technology! What is blockchain? Although the technology was first

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Intel bets on a big speed boost for 8th-gen Core chips

Source: Intel is very concerned that you may be using a five-year-old computer. The company claims there are at least 450 million computers still in service that are five or more years old. So, one of the big selling points for the just-announced 8th generation of Core i-series CPUs is that these new chips are twice as

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Deception tech helps to thwart hackers’ attacks

Source: In World War II, the Allies employed all kinds of sneaky tricks to deceive their enemies into thinking they had more troops and weapons at their disposal than they actually had. The camouflage techniques of one unit active in North Africa, which on one occasion consulted a stage magician about the way he fooled

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What features to expect in Apple’s Swift 5

Source: Version 5 of Apple’s Swift language used for iOS and MacOS applicationdevelopment will arrive in late 2018 with ABI (application binary interface) stability in the standard Swift library a primary focus—delaying a feature originally intended for the upcoming Swift 4 release. Locking down the ABI iin Swift 5 will mean any future compiler versions can produce

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Tech Certified Hardware

[row class=”margin-top-20″] [column span=”3″] Dell 15.6″ Dell 5580 15.6” Laptop Intel i5 Processor 4GB RAM 256GB Solid State Drive Windows 10 Professional 3 Year warranty [button text=”$1540″ link=”#” type=”primary” size=”large” class=”btn-block”] [/column] [column span=”3″] Dell 14″ Dell 5470 14” Laptop Intel i5 Processor 4GB RAM 256GB Solid State Drive Windows 10 Professional 1 Year Warranty

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From the Techs

[row class=”margin-top-20″] [column span=”3″] Save 29% MSRP $1361 Dell OptiPlex 5040 Intel i5 Processor 4 GB RAM 250 GB SSD Windows 10 Pro 3 Year Warranty [button text=”$966″ link=”#” type=”primary” size=”large” class=”btn-block”] [/column] [column span=”3″] Save 29% MSRP $1589 Dell OptiPlex 5040 Intel i7 Processor 8 GB RAM 250 GB SSD Windows 10 Pro 3

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Massive Cyberattack Hits

There has been a lot of press over the weekend on the latest ransomware threat called WannaCry which began on May 12th. This threat has hit 150 countries and infected over 200,000 machines and growing. The New York Times reported Sunday that this attack is likely far from over, with an updated version of WannaCry expected

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