Authorities Seize Largest Stolen-Login Marketplace Site On The Dark Web

Earlier this year, the Department of Justice announced that they, along with other international authorities, had seized Slilpp, the largest site for stolen login credentials on the Dark Web. The site had over 80 million user credentials lifted from 1,400 service providers.

Authorities from four different countries all helped the FBI seize servers that hosted Slilpp. They also arrested and/or charged 12 people involved with operating the site.

Eighty million user credentials from 1,400 sites is a lot of sensitive information. That said, though, the Department of Justice still hasn’t ascertained the full impact of the illegal activity on Slilpp. In the U.S., activity on the site led to almost $200 million in losses – and that’s just a tiny fraction of the total activity.

The fight isn’t over, but this case is a big win against illegal login sale marketplaces. The Department of Justice hopes for more seizures like this one in the future.


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