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Crafting the Perfect Remote Environment to Stay Productive

Working from home offers the perfect chance to harmonize your career and personal life. Yet it isn’t always easy! Creating an effective remote workspace while staying focused while distractions abound takes some extra effort. That’s why we’re here today with a list of must-have tips for becoming a successful distance worker – along with amazing gadgets that will make this balancing act much easier. Before you dive in, take a moment to cozy up on the couch and grab yourself some coffee (or tea!). Because once you have these essentials close by – nothing can stop you from making your mark as a top-notch remote team member.

The Right Tech

Successful work from home relies heavily on technology to be able to work together collaboratively and smoothly: ensure that the technology you’re using is reliable and appropriate for the task—it will likely improve efficiency and team communication. The Sundog team has provided a list of the top #3 tools you need to make remote work a breeze. Check out the insert included with this month’s newsletter to get the full details!

Finding Balance

Working from home may present challenges when it comes to maintaining the necessary balance between work and leisure, but intentional breaks throughout your day are key.

1) Kickstart each morning with an invigorating walk around the block or take some time upfront to learn something new – this will relax both body and mind before you’re off and running.

2) Choose an environment that keeps distractions at bay without sacrificing comfort; away from family members (or pets!), and try not to let yourself become overly familiar with food in arm’s reach!

3) Use the Quiet Hours feature in Microsoft Teams to make sure work stays at work! Set certain days and times where you no longer receive notifications from your colleagues. The Sundog team has a great video tutorial of this feature that you can view on our YouTube Channel!

4) Connect with your co-workers by having virtual events like Virtual Happy Hour or even checking out the Microsoft Team’s Game Apps which features Solitaire, Minesweeper, and more!

Start Out on the Right Foot

The work-from-home life isn’t always a piece of cake, but with the right tools and tips it can be well worth mastering. Make sure your techs in check, use virtual connections to stay socializing (and sane!), take breaks as you need –– believe us― you deserve some TLC! To get started off on the right foot, order yourself a new keyboard or headset from your very own Sundog team. You can contact your account manager or email to start your order.

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