Sundog is Moving

The excitement is high here at Sundog with the recent announcement of our new Corporate Headquarters location in Downtown DeKalb.

When completed, the space will be a modern office space designed with an emphasis on collaboration, but we are going to be sprinkling in a lot of awesomesauce to the space as well by highlighting the character of this old DeKalb building. The building located at 230 E. Lincoln Hwy was built in the 1890’s. It has been many things over the years from a retail shop to a department store, but now it will be home to Sundog. Until we closed on the building in April, we were not sure of how much of its character we were going to be able to bring out with the walls being covered and the ceiling hidden from view. But the day after we closed on this beauty, the cutting and chipping began. And boy was our hard work rewarded…

First, we setup some scaffolding and cut a hole in the ceiling on the second floor through the lathe and plaster and peeked our heads up and were greeted by wonderful looking 100-year-old hard wood planks and boards. So of course, the ceiling is coming down and we are going to expose all that great wood throughout our entire office.

Second, we began chipping away at the plaster covering up the brick walls and sure enough, gorgeous old brick became exposed and we focused all our energies there. It took days to complete, but now all the walls show off a century of masonry work. As you walk the east wall, you can see where the building was added onto at some point and then heightened years later. Being able to see the buildings evolutionary timeline in brick is a pretty cool site.

So things are just beginning for us. Our target move in date is December 1st. We plan on moving into the second floor and renting out the first floor for the time being. But the plan and reason for purchasing a building this size is for Sundog to eventually occupy the whole thing.

We’ll keep updating everyone on our progress here and continue to share more of our plans and discoveries as this project moves along.

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