Mission Complete.

This whole journey has been incredible from start to finish, it’s like the Cubs winning the world series, we all knew it would happen, but now that it has, it’s just surreal.

We’ve been at the new office now for about a week and the space is incredible! There was nothing wrong with our old office, we just needed some room to expand.

Now, let’s go through some cool specs of the office starting with the conference room. It looks directly over Lincoln Hwy and the natural light that seeps in, is incredible. The windows can full open, which will be useful during the non-winter months. The other conference room is being doubled as a “hangout” room. We added some high tables, a foosball table, a comfy couch, and some portable desktops. This makes for a more relaxing environment when you want to step away from your computer for a while. It’s just nice to have the option to step away from your desk, grab your laptop and coffee and work in a different environment.

The entire office is an open floor plan, collaboration is a crucial component to our business model. All techs work on projects throughout the course of the day, it’s much easier to peak over the desk instead of going office to office, seeing who’s there.

Speaking of desks, the tech areas are a sight to be seen. Each area has 4 benches, some can rise to make a standing style desk and the others stay at one level. Ultimately, we wanted each tech to have their own space, with the space to spread out. We’re not sure what to call them yet, we’ve had some idea, but nothing solid yet.

The space is everything we hoped for and then some. Being within walking distance of the restaurants in Downtown DeKalb is also a huge plus. The other perk is, we get our Sundog Wi-Fi in a few locations that are close to us.

Thank you again for all the support along the way, we did it! Please stop in for a tour, or to say hello!

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