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Is It Time To Unplug? Avoid Burnout And Feel Mentally Refreshed

Our phones are always on us, making many areas of our life more convenient. We can communicate with our friends, family and coworkers easily; look up important information instantaneously; and read through our e-mails effortlessly. Although our phones and other electronic devices have brought a lot of good into our lives, there comes a point when we have to disconnect and unplug from them for our mental health and connect with the world around us. 

Burnout is one of the biggest obstacles that business owners, leaders and employees face. They spend their days completing and working on projects, and when night rolls around, they stay buried in their devices as they continue to work or research things related to their business or industry. They think this will put them ahead, but they’re doing more harm than good. 

When you get home from work for the night or if you’re going on vacation soon, put your phone down and try to live in the moment. Your work will always be there for you to go back to. Keeping your phone and work away while you’re not actively at your workplace is the best way to avoid burnout and live a happier lifestyle. 


We all have activities and situations that push the boundaries of our comfort zone. Nobody likes to be uncomfortable, but stepping outside our comfort zones provides us with new growth opportunities. Here are a few ways you can become more comfortable being uncomfortable. 

  • Establish the boundaries of your comfort zone. Before attempting to tackle your discomfort, understand what makes you uncomfortable and why. 
  • Start small with little changes to your routine. You don’t have to dive in headfirst right away. Ease yourself into it so you don’t become overwhelmed. 
  • Insert yourself into unfamiliar situations. Take a class at your local community college or join an organization. 

Find a mentor. You’re going to want someone who will stick by your side and push you when things get tough.



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