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How To Create an Environment Where Your Employees Will THRIVE In

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Article by Mallory Albright

As a manager or CEO, you’re always on the lookout for ways to improve employee satisfaction and engagement. Creating an environment where your staff will thrive will increase productivity and reduce turnover — but making it happen can be easier said than done. Your workplace needs to enable staff to reach their highest potential, makes them feel valued, has room for growth and rewards success. As such, we have gathered a few simple ideas to help employers create an inclusive space that supports your team’s growth and success, enabling them to reach their highest potential in all areas of their lives!

1) Provide training for staff to grow their skills; the more that your employees can succeed within their position so will your company’s profits!

i. Skill Share, HubSpot, and Coursera have a verity of certifications from companies like Google, Facebook, and more! 

2) Celebrate successes together as a team!

i. No matter if your employees are in the office or working remotely it’s important to encourage their accomplishments. Post those successes on your company’s social media page, include them in your newsletter, or celebrate them with a sweet treat. 

3) Get creative! 

i. Allow brainstorming sessions where your team works together to find the solutions to your company’s biggest problems. Check out our Tech Tip video on Microsoft Team’s Whiteboards to start brainstorming today (link here). 

ii. Be open to new ideas! As a leader in your organization, new ideas on how to increase profits should not be ignored. You never know what crazy idea could launch the next chapter in your company’s history. 

4) Create a Culture Club

i. At Sundog, our work culture is key to having high employee satisfaction. Put on company events throughout the year to build a close-knit team. Below are some ideas that have boosted morale for our team that we thought we should share with you! 

1. Holiday Party 

2. Game Night (Virtual or In- Person)

3. Bowling 

4. Corn Maze

5. March Madness Contest

6. Book Club or Book Lending Library 

7. Happy Hour (Virtual or In-Person)

8. Movie Night

9. Food Days 

What are you waiting for? Cultivate a workplace so your staff can reach their fullest potential! 

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