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Discover The Secret To Overcoming Difficult Tasks

Throughout our lives, we all encounter obstacles that appear too daunting to overcome. During these situations, most turn to the Internet or business books for advice, but there’s another source everyone should turn to for support and help: someone you trust. When you partner up with someone, regardless of whether you’re starting a business, tackling a project or working toward a goal, it can make the experience less stressful. Working alongside someone allows you to brainstorm ideas and find solutions you may not have been able to come up with on your own. As the saying goes, “Two heads are better than one,” so find someone to help you reach your goals and start working together.

The Data Breach Epidemic

How Cybercriminals Are Exploiting Human Weaknesses

Every year, thousands of businesses fall victim to data breaches. In 2022, over 1,800 data compromises affected more than 422 million people, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center’s 2022 Data Breach Report. As cybercriminals continue to refine their tactics, it’s clear that cyber-attacks and data breaches will not stop anytime soon. That’s why it’s so crucial for businesses to develop strong cyber security strategies.

If you want to bolster your cyber security efforts, a great place to start is with your employees. Research from Stanford University suggests that human error is responsible for88% of all data breaches. Here are the two common reasons why employees put their workplaces at risk of cyber-attacks.!

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