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Embrace the New: Why Updating Technology Matters

The Necessity of Staying Updated

 Every day, new gadgets and software emerge, promising increased efficiency. These frequent advancements can be overwhelming, tempting us to postpone updates. Yet, in our technology-driven world, neglecting updates could endanger your organization. Recently, Microsoft ended support for Server 2012 operating systems. This move exposes organizations without a strategic IT plan to cybersecurity threats and compatibility-related downtime.

Cybersecurity and Technology Updates 

Cyber threats grow more sophisticated and common, and outdated technology can’t cope with these new challenges. Regularly updating IT assets is crucial for the latest security measures, safeguarding sensitive data, and thwarting cyber-attacks. At Sundog, we advise a proactive IT strategy, including updating IT assets—from workstations to servers—every three to five years.

Benefits of Up-to-Date Equipment Beyond security, current equipment minimizes staff downtime. Upgrading IT assets boosts productivity and efficiency. Modern technology, typically faster and more efficient, saves time and money.

The User Experience Advantage 

Modern technology offers a sleek, minimalist design, enhancing organization and control over workflows. An improved user experience boosts staff satisfaction and loyalty.

Sundog’s Client Benefits 

For Sundog clients, replacing old IT assets and acquiring new ones is now simpler with our IT Asset Disposal and Procurement programs. Our disposal program safeguards your confidential information and minimizes e-waste. Plus, for every disposed IT asset, we plant a tree!

Modern Workstations: A Smart Investment

 Our certified Engineers handpick modern workstations that safeguard your organization, enhance staff productivity, and offer cost savings.

Learn More Interested in our IT Asset Disposal and Procurement programs? Contact your account manager or the Sundog team at

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