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3 Marketing Trends That Didn’t Go Out Of Style

When people think about trends, they often imagine what’s in style at that current moment. We like to imagine that trends come and go, but the opposite is sometimes true. In fact, the greatest trends become a part of our culture. At one time, people thought cellphones, texting and computers were just a phase, but decades later, they’re still here because they made our lives better! Trends in marketing are the same. Sometimes a freshmarketing strategy will pop up, but if it works, it will become a mainstay.

As you continue to plan your marketing strategy for the next few months and the upcoming year, you can look at previous statistics to ensure your methods are successful. Below, you will find three marketing strategies that have proven successful in the past. If these strategies are properly utilized by your company in today’s climate, you will quickly see results.

Using Influencers

People love to use their smartphones and social media. During the pandemic, many businesses started to advertise on Instagram and TikTok through the use of social media influencers. A TopRank Marketing survey found most B2B marketers believe this strategy changes minds, improves the brand experience and yields better campaign results.

Advertising On Podcasts

There are podcasts available that discuss every topic imaginable, and over 30% of Americans listen to a podcast on a monthly basis. That percentage rises when you look at younger demographics. Advertising on podcasts is a great way to reach a younger audience.

Leveraging AI

The importance of artificial intelligence (AI) for B2B marketing became crystal clear recently, when a Salesforce study reported that 80% of business buyers expect the companies they reach out to will talk to them “in real time,” regardless of the hour. This statistic highlights how important chatbots and other AI solutions are for customer conversion.

If you’ve seen success with certain marketing trends in the past, you don’t have to get rid of them when you develop a new marketing strategy.

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