Using Multiple Public Clouds In Your Business? Try Out Cross-Cloud

Public clouds are commonplace among businesses these days. A public cloud is an IT model where on-demand computing services and infrastructure are managed by a third-party provider and shared with multiple organizations using the public Internet. About 73% of businesses are currently using two or more public clouds. This is becoming a problem because most public clouds are not designed to operate alongside other cloud systems.

Almost half of technology executives report that their cloud structure is increasingly complicated, but they are looking to increase consistency across their public cloud environments. The cross-cloud operating model is aimed at fixing any inconsistencies between clouds and making them more compatible with each other. With cross-cloud, operators can deploy, monitor and manage apps for every cloud. This will allow businesses to spend more time working on their business and less time trying to manage multi-cloud dilemmas. The VMware Cross-Cloud services portfolio is an industry-first, multi-cloud architecture that unifies app and cloud infrastructure, development and operations.


The stock market saw a very rough start to kick off 2022. Some stocks that saw rises throughout the past two years suffered from the opposite effect in January. Vaccine maker Moderna, one of last year’s top-performing stocks, started the year down nearly 40%. This drop is believed to be caused by research suggesting that the firm’s booster shot is less effective against the omicron variant.

Another company that experienced a big drop is Netflix. They had poor fourth-quarter earnings and saw their shares drop 37% in January. With higher prices announced for every streaming package on Netflix, it seems unlikely that their stock is in for an immediate bounceback. Other stocks that had a major negative trend in January are Etsy, Advanced Micro Devices, Nvidia, Caesars Entertainment and Domino’s Pizza. Stocks have swung wildly since the year began, and only time will tell if things return to a level of normalcy for many companies that had stock increases throughout the pandemic.

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