Should I go with Windows 10? YES!

Written by: Cohen Barnes
Of course we have tested internally, and of course we were running it before it was released, so we know how stable this version is. But the productivity enhancements are the reason we are recommending this version. From the simple yet powerful desktop interface, to the integration with Single Sign-on with Office 365, Microsoft got it right with Windows 10. Now, we still recommend before you upgrade your entire office, that you introduce Windows 10 slowly first for testing with your current applications and hardware. OK, there is my caveat. 🙂

The Start Menu is back

Windows 10 logoMore powerful than ever, the familiar Start Menu is back. Imagine a start menu that combines the great features of Windows 7 but also the contemporary needs of Windows 8.1. From easy access to popular programs that you can “pin” to the Start Menu or the Taskbar, to a listing of recently opened programs, to power settings, to restart or shutdown with the click of a button, the new Start Menu has it all.

Office 365 Integration with Single Sign-on

Now with Windows 10, you can setup your account to automatically log into Office 365 services. No more having to log into your computer and then having to log in again to OneDrive, SharePoint, or Outlook Online. One logon – more access. Plus, now with Windows 10 and Office 2016 (out soon), when you hit “Save As”, you will have OneDrive for Business and SharePoint as available options making saving your documents across multiple systems even easier.

More Productivity Enhancements

  • No more having to open Microsoft Word or Excel and then browse for the file you need. Now, when you pin the program icon to your Taskbar, you can right click on the icon and choose from a list of your recently opened documents or spreadsheets.
  • Another new feature is the ability to click a button and have all your open programs in Tile View making is super easy to switch back and forth between programs for those power users.
  • With Windows 10 you have the ability to create more than one desktop, it is like have more than one computer at your desk. This allows you to organize multiple desktops on the same computer: one for each project, or group of programs, or whatever you can think of.
  • Window Snapping also allows greater control for users with a lot of programs, and will be especially helpful for users with multiple monitors. You can snap any open window to a whole, half, or quarter of your display so that you can make the most of your view.
Windows 10 is exciting, but for reasons that matter to business. We all want ourselves and our people to be as productive as possible to maximize the day. Windows 10 is another leap forward by Microsoft in this pursuit. To find out more about this new version of Windows, give us a call, and we can fill you in. Plus, click below for a wonderful document we put together with Microsoft to highlight even more of the new features in Windows 10. Cohen Barnes 815.991.2400
Your advanced guide to the best of both worlds—Windows 10

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