On to the Inside

Onto the Inside!

With the facelift being completed on the outside of the building, the construction crews have continued with the redesign of the inside.

It looks like a hot mess right now, but we promise, it shall look amazing once everything is finalized. The framework is already in, that’s the easy part. Getting an elevator inside will be a daunting task within itself. Previously, there wasn’t a cutout or any hardware installed for an elevator, so we’re building one from scratch.

We also need the duct work to be installed, plumbing, electrical, the list goes on and on for things to do. Luckily, we still have a few months until we move in. So far, the natural light beaming in gives us some excitement for what is yet to come. Working in an office with more natural light will help us not only reduce energy costs, but also reduce strain on our eyes.

Check back with us next Tuesday for transformational photos!

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