Massive Cyberattack Hits

There has been a lot of press over the weekend on the latest ransomware threat called WannaCry which began on May 12th. This threat has hit 150 countries and infected over 200,000 machines and growing. The New York Times reported Sunday that this attack is likely far from over, with an updated version of WannaCry expected in a second wave. From small businesses having their data taken hostage to hospitals having to turn patients away due to computer shutdowns, WannaCry has caused serious disruption around the globe. Unfortunately, many organizations are not protected from this threat and our now being extorted for money to get their files back. WannaCry takes advantage of a known Windows vulnerability Microsoft released a patch for back in March, but many organizations do not have a process for keeping their computers patched and many even lack the proper Antivirus solution. Fortunately, all our TotalCARE clients are safe due to the layered security approach Sundog deploys with our TotalCARE service. Our Antivirus solution and Windows Patching schedule created the necessary barrier to protect our clients from this latest threat. And our bulletproof backup solution protected our client’s data as an additional layer of protection. “”This Mothers Day weekend, companies worldwide labored around the clock, sifting through the rubble of WannaCry. What a relief it was then, to witness our security services perform with 100% efficacy. While many brave engineers slaved over terminals, restoring petabytes of data, I was free to grill out with the family!” – Drew, Sundog Engineer How can you protect your systems?
  • Have a Patch process in place and monitored
  • Have an Antivirus Solution that is built to protect against ransomware
  • Have a great backup solution protecting your data in case the first two measure fail
If you feel your organization lacks these protections, contact me directly at Additional information…..

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