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Why did you decide to start your own company? When I ask business owners and entrepreneurs this question, they most often answer, “I wanted to make a positive impact in the world.”

The same is true for me. Yes, sure, I wanted to be my own boss, do work that brings me joy, create my own systems, have financial freedom … but the endgame was that I wanted to make things better through my business. I wanted (and still want) to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty. To make the world a better place for me, my family and my community.

I know – with the current state of things, you may be feeling as though your dreams are too lofty and need to take a back seat. Your business has a crisis to survive, after all. But you can accomplish both surviving (heck, thriving) and making an impact – even during a pandemic.

You are closer to your dreams than you may feel right now. They don’t have to fall by the wayside.

The biggest impact you can make right now is through HOW you serve your clients and community in the face of one of the biggest challenges in our lifetime.
But you can’t do that if you don’t have a solid foundation in your business.

So let’s recap what I have been posting about: The Business Hierarchy Of Needs ( is the key to your business’s success right now.

The needs of your customers and clients have likely changed over the last few months and you may feel stuck in, say, the sales level of the Hierarchy. This is why I created the Recession Response (, which addresses the HOW – how to take steps to ensure your first three levels of The Business Hierarchy Of Needs are in place, so you can go ahead and make your impact in the world.

I invite you to visit the Recession Response for tips and tangible, actionable resources to help you maintain your SALES, PROFIT and ORDER levels of The Business Hierarchy Of Needs, because you can still achieve your dream and impact your community in a positive way.

You were put on this earth to have an impact. And that impact is not achieved by sacrificing yourself or your business. Nail the first three levels of sales, profit and order. Then you can give back to the world and make your impact.

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