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Let Your Employees Know You Care With These 3 Tactics

If an employee is unhappy working for your company or doesn’t feel appreciated by their leadership team, they will search for a new job. This has left many leaders questioning what they can do to show their employees they actually care about them and their well-being. Here are a few different ways to show your team you care. 

Growth Opportunities

Most employees want to work somewhere with the potential for advancement. It’s important to connect with your employees through one-on-one meetings so you can determine how they want to grow professionally and personally. 

Foster A Supportive Work Environment

Nobody wants to work at a business where they don’t feel accepted, supported or appreciated. Go out of your way to create an inclusive environment and give your team a sense of belonging. 


Your employees want to hear about it when they do well. Don’t be afraid to recognize or reward them when they’re doing a great job. Simply thanking your employees for their hard work can go a long way toward improving overall morale. 


There are many different management styles, but one that always seems to upset employees and take away from productivity is the act of micromanaging or overcoaching. Micromanaging occurs when a leader provides instructions that are too specific while watching over the team as they perform their tasks, looking for any lapse in perfection they can then bring up to the employee. It’s a frustrating practice that can send well-qualified employees running out your doors. 

So, how do you know if you’re micromanaging your team? Pay attention to how you’re directing them. You won’t get a preferred response if you tell your billing manager how to do their job. You hired these employees to perform specific roles, and they have the experience to do it well. So, let them work until there’s a need to redirect or re-analyze the situation. Ask for feedback when you conduct one-on-one meetings with your team. Listen and make the necessary adjustments if they say you’re micromanaging. This will help boost productivity in your business while you still get the most from your team.

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