How will AI impact internet telephony?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings to mind robots that can perform tasks and think like human beings. While that’s certainly possible in the future, AI today is simply an intuitive set of technology that automates business processes. It’s been around for decades, and now it’s poised to make significant improvements to VoIP technology.

Contact Center Operations

Thanks to highly automated VoIP technology, businesses can manage their call centers easily. It also reduces the need for human interaction without sacrificing service quality. So how else can AI help?

AI-integrated VoIP systems can add back that human element to call routing by determining a caller’s personality, mood, and other characteristics so calls are routed to the agent best equipped to handle them. This makes call-center operations more seamless and cost-efficient because it reduces the need to deploy agents with specialized skills.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems

An IVR system is an extremely useful tool for businesses that get a high volume of calls. Not only does it save them from having to deploy staff to address queries, it also saves customers time.

AI enhances this feature by working in the background, gathering all relevant customer data such as personal information and recent transactions to resolve a query. The AI ‘worker’ then sends this information to the business representative, who will be much better able to serve the customer. It’s easy to see how this feature would lead to an increase in customer satisfaction.

Conferencing Capabilities

Internet telephony makes multi-location communication possible, which is indispensable to most organizations. Web conferencing has improved over the years, with internet speeds and telecom technology constantly improving. AI advances it even further with real-time language translation and speech recognition technology, which greatly benefits businesses with multiple geographic locations and whose stakeholders come from diverse backgrounds.

Chatbot Functions

Chatbots are intuitive entities that receive instructions via textual or auditory means to perform automated tasks. They’re not to be confused with applications aimed to make processes easier. Apps differ greatly from chatbots in that they aren’t designed to simulate human interactions and they don’t have an ‘identity.’

Like IVR systems, bots are used by businesses to automate customer interactions. AI-powered chatbots go beyond regular bot duties by performing more complex tasks like setting up meetings, inviting attendees, managing schedules, and much more.

With AI-powered systems promising improvements in contact center operations, customers’ IVR experiences, web conferencing, and scheduling, businesses are understandably eager to adopt them. There’s so much more that VoIP systems can do for your business, and we’ve got the expertise to handle all your VoIP-related concerns. Call us today.

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