Everything you need to know about VoIP phones in Northern Illinois

Let’s start with the basics. Plain old telephone systems (POTS for short), use copper wires to send analog signals that are turned into phone calls. They’re outdated, cost inefficient, and less reliable than their modern alternative. For more than a decade, Voice over IP (VoIP) phones have reduced costs and increased call clarity by switching to high-speed internet connections.

But the advantages don’t stop there. VoIP systems can now be integrated with virtually every communication platform on the market, including email, fax, SMS, and even customer relationship management software. It’s called Unified Communications, and it is the epitome of doing more with less.

Doing more (work)…

In the days before VoIP, setting up one automated phone attendant would have required a team of specialists days to set up. Today, a single SundogVOICE technician can set up several in a matter of hours. That’s because cloud-based phone systems don’t rely on cabling or a maze of bridged connections; everything can be customized from user-friendly web portals.

Do you want calls to your business to ring every phone in the sales department? Or to be routed to specific people based on the time of day? Visit your online VoIP portal or call our live helpdesk and your system can be updated in minutes.

Beyond unlimited ring groups, recorded greetings, one-click conference calls, and call queues, your internet-based phone system can also deliver information through other communication platforms. For example, you could configure your VoIP system to automatically convert voicemails or faxes into email attachments that go to an individual or group.

The bottom line is you’ll be able to customize every aspect of your communication infrastructure without ever touching a phone cable.

…With less (money)

The monthly bill for a VoIP system is usually at least 50% cheaper than a POTS. But the savings can rise dramatically depending on your business model. For starters, if you’re currently paying extra for long-distance calls, you’re in a dwindling minority. On top of paying less per minute, providers like SundogVoice also eliminate surcharges for “special” calls.

Another thing you shouldn’t have to pay for is infrastructure installation and equipment. You’ll connect to your VoIP services via the internet, which means no messy rewiring, and you may not even need to buy new handsets. Your employees can use their smartphones, laptop microphones, or even their existing desktop phones.

That’s not to say you don’t stand to benefit from purchasing hi-tech equipment. Phones designed to be used with VoIP systems enhance audio quality, simplify call management, and enjoy deeper integration with desktop computers. The point is, it’s up to you to decide.

How long does a VoIP transition take?

Setting up an internet-based phone system may be simpler than adding a line to your POTS, but it’s not as easy as flipping a switch. The amount of time it takes to get your office used to making VoIP calls is directly related to the quality of your provider.

You’ll need a full-time technician to connect your cloud-based phones with existing POTS numbers and to set up new virtual numbers for internal routing. This could take anywhere from one day to one month depending on whom you hire.

Of course, if your VoIP provider sets the whole thing up and doesn’t provide any training, that’s going to add untold hours to the transition. The solution you pick should come with two support components:

  • A thorough onboarding process for everyone who will make calls
  • A live helpdesk that will resolve technical issues for the life of your system

With 25 years of experience, the Sundog team has been designing and supporting VoIP systems since before they became the norm. From what we’ve seen in Dekalb, Rockford, and Beloit during that time, businesses with 10-100 employees usually return to their normal call capacity within one working day. Within a week of implementation, heavy phone users are usually saving over an hour per day thanks to productivity features inherent to our unified communications systems.

If you want your telecommunications solutions to do more and cost less, VoIP is the way to go. And for a strategic IT partner that cares more about your five-year plan than your next payment, give Sundog a call today.

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