Brickwork and Window Installation

Our latest transformation picture revolves around the bricking to the outside of the building along with the windows being added in.

One of the coolest features of the newly cut out 8×8 windows is when they are fully installed, they can be opened. This will make events in the Downtown area much more exciting, it feels like we’ll be in the heart of the action. Also, on nice weather days, we can keep the windows open and reduce energy costs by not using the heating or air conditioning. Being able to have fresh air circulating an office is one of the features getting our staff excited. Some windows at our current facility are unable to be opened, this may seem small, but there is nothing like working with some fresh air breezing through the office.

One of the other impressive features is the brick being installed on the outside. Keep in mind, this is the original bricking to the building! With a little TLC, it was restored to almost its original state. DeKalb already has a wonderful history behind it, along with the building we are currently renovating. Keeping original pieces to it makes this a little more special for us. If you notice, the bottom of the building has the new bricking done. What a difference a simple cleaning can do for the bricks!

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