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2 Selling Strategies Your Business Should Avoid

In the world of business, there are good and bad selling strategies. Strong selling strategies bring your customers back for more and encourage them to refer their friends and family. In contrast, poor strategies will send your customers running for the hills. They’ll never look back at your business and will tell everyone about their negative experiences. If you or your selling team are utilizing any of the following strategies when selling to customers, you should put a stop to it immediately, or your sales will begin to decline. 

Not Addressing The Customer’s Main Problem: When customers approach you for a specific product or service, they most likely have a reason for coming. Listen to your customers’ concerns rather than overexplaining your product or service. If you provide a solution to their problem, you’ll likely earn a sale. 

Arguing With Customers: Has a customer ever said something unreasonable or completely wrong about your product? You might have been quickly defensive, but starting an argument with a customer will never lead to a sale, even if you’re right. Listen to them and figure out where they’re coming from before responding. 


You want to be the best leader possible if you own or operate a business, but you may have developed habits over the years that are preventing you from being your best. As you grow in your role, you must overcome habits and certain ways of thinking that might impede your progress. If you’re utilizing any of the following habits, it’s time to change the way you’re approaching things. 

Black-And-White Thinking: There is plenty of gray in the world of business. You can’t look at things as being one way or another. There are many different ways to approach each problem. 

Your Opinion Matters More: You must listen to your team if you hope to be a great leader. You won’t be right with every decision. Hear suggestions from your team and make an informed choice in order to determine the best path for your business. 

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