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2 Challenges E-Commerce Businesses Face And How To Overcome Them

With the Internet came a new digital marketplace that allowed people to purchase specific products they couldn’t find in their hometowns. These days, most businesses offer a way to buy their products or services online, whether it’s through their personal website or an e-commerce marketplace like Amazon. Despite this, selling online brings new challenges you don’t often see when selling from within a brick-and-mortar location. Here are some challenges to watch for and solutions to overcome them.


Oftentimes, e-commerce businesses need to deal with chargebacks. This happens when a customer disputes a charge on their credit card statement, causing you to lose out on the sale and the item. To avoid this, have a clear and concise return policy. You should also keep detailed records of all transactions and shipments to prove the customer received their order.


Shipping delays can leave customers feeling frustrated, even if they aren’t the company’s fault. You can’t do anything to control hazardous weather, but you can set a reasonable range of time for your customer to receive their item. You don’t have to promise two-day shipping just to compete with Amazon. It can also help to utilize shipping management software to automate your shipping processes.

Coping With Stress

Nearly everyone deals with stress at some point in their lives, and most business leaders struggle with it regularly. The good news is that you don’t need to live with extreme levels of stress. There are simple solutions to help you cope better. Below you’ll find three ways to lessen the amount of stress in your life.

  • Be aware of how much stress you take on. You need to know how much stress your body and mind can reasonably take on before you start to struggle.
  • Set boundaries and say no when needed. You can’t agree to do every task or help every person without adding more stress to your plate. Know how much is too much, and don’t take on tasks that are too demanding for your current state of mind.
  • Meditate, breathe deeply and exercise to relax your body and mind. Stressors won’t feel so drastic when you’re relaxed.
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