Are Computer Problems
Driving You NUTS?

     Maybe this sounds familiar…

You’re in the middle of a big project and BAM the network goes down – again. Or maybe one of your staff clicked on the wrong link in the wrong email and now you are hit with Ransomware!  Or maybe you’re constantly dealing with tiny little problems…an error message that keeps popping up, a program that won’t work or a printer that won’t print…and NOTHING seems to just work that way it’s supposed to, and your IT company just isn’t there when you need them. Maybe you’ve asked yourself…

Who Can I Trust to FINALLY Get Everything Working the Way It’s Supposed To?

That’s where we come in. My name is Cohen Barnes, owner and CEO of Sundog and the author of the book, Compromised!.  For the last 30 years, I have made it my personal mission to bring high quality IT support to businesses in the Northern Illinois area, while eliminating unnecessary IT expenses.

     If you’re like most of the CEOs we serve, you’re beyond busy with looming deadlines and endless to-do lists. The LAST thing you need is a series of technical problems slowing you down. That’s why I’m writing to you today. I’d like to offer you our IT and Cybersecurity Risk Assessment to identify the computer issues, or simply to perform a ‘health check’ on your network’s security and backup systems. We are extending this invitation to a small group of companies we feel we might be able to help.

“If it Ain’t Broke, Why Fix it?”

Maybe you don’t have an urgent problem that needs to be fixed right now or you think you have your computer network “handled”. Maybe you don’t even have a regular IT support guy and think you don’t need our services. After all, “if it ain’t broke”, why fix it?   I completely understand that point of view, so let me suggest how you can still profit from this offer…

   Even if you don’t have an immediate problem, our IT and Cybersecurity Risk Assessment can identify hidden problems in your network, developing under the surface that could turn into disastrous events that could cost you thousands in lost productivity, downtime, and computer repair bills. At no cost to you, I’ll send one of my engineers to your office if…

  • If you and your employees’ login credentials are being sold on the Dark Web (I can practically guarantee one or more are… THIS will shock you).Thanks to a new threat intelligence and ID-monitoring service we subscribe to, we can run a report on YOUR company and see what usernames and passwords are actively being sold on the Dark Web.
  • If your IT systems and data are truly secured from hackers and cybercriminals. If you’re not getting weekly security updates from your current IT person, your systems probably aren’t secure.You should also know that antivirus software and most firewalls are grossly inadequate against the sophisticated attacks now happening.
  • If your current backup would allow you to be back up and running again fast if ransomware locked all your files. In 99% of the computer networks we’ve reviewed over the years, the owners were shocked to learn the backup they had would NOT survive a ransomware attack.Ransomware is designed to infect your backups as well, leaving you defenseless. There are only a handful of backup systems that will prevent this from happening.
  • Do your employees truly know how to spot a phishing e-mail? We will actually put them to the test. We’ve never seen a company pass 100%. Never.
  • If we DO find problems…overlooked security loopholes, inadequate backups, credentials that have been compromised, out-of-date firewall and antivirus software and (often) active malware…on one or more of the PCs in your office, we will propose an Action Plan to remediate the situationthat you can have us implement for you if you choose. Again, I want to stress that EVERYTHING WE DISCUSS AND DISCOVER WILL BE STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

 You’ll receive a customized report of the findings, that will not only reveal if your data and computer network are properly backed up and secured, but also if there is anything you need to do now to prevent a major disaster. Plus, we can almost always show you how to save a little (or a LOT) on hardware and software by switching to more efficient cloud computing solutions.

What To Do Next

To schedule your IT Assessment, please call my office at 815-991-2400. The Assessment only takes 90 minutes to conduct.  My team has been notified to look for your call and will put you through immediately. You can also e-mail me at

Awaiting your response,

Cohen Barnes

CEO, Sundog

Author, “Compromised!”


P.S.  If you’re not quite ready to do anything just yet please allow me to give you a copy of our free report, “Overcoming the Challenge of Cloud Security.” You can instantly download a copy at .

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Important! We hate spam as much (or more!) than you and promise to NEVER rent, share, or abuse your e-mail address and contact information in any way.

Important! We hate spam as much (or more!) than you and promise to NEVER rent, share, or abuse your e-mail address and contact information in any way.

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