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Microsoft Office 365

A suite of productivity-boosting apps that enable you to work securely from anywhere, anytime, on any device

Increase employee efficiency and data security today

Microsoft® Office 365 allows secure, remote access to documents, contacts, mail, Calendars, and other business apps without any device restrictions. You'll be able to quickly respond to client requests, accomplish tasks without delay, and worry less about online threats.

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Why choose Sundog as your Office 365 provider?

To cater to the varying demands of each business, Office 365 comes in several monthly plans with even more add-on options. Sundog specialists can help you choose the best package for your distinct needs, size, industry, and budget. Our vast experience and expertise in Office 365 migration ensure that we do everything right the first time, leaving no room for errors or downtime.

Sundog Office 365 Subscription Packages

All plans listed here are equipped with enterprise-level email and storage, and online versions of Office applications, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. You will also have the option of mixing and matching or switching between plans if need be.

Our Office 365 subscription packages are available for as low as $5/user/month. We also provide non-profit pricing for qualified 501(c)3 organizations.

Office 365 Plans

(price per user/month with yearly contract)


Business Essentials



Business Premium



Fully-Installed Office Apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and One Note on up to 5 workstations)

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Office for Mobile Devices (on up to 5 smartphones and/or tablets)

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Online Versions of Office Apps (including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel)

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

File Storage and Sharing (with 1TB storage/user)

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Enterprise-Level Email, Calendar, and Contacts (with a 50GB inbox)

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Unlimited Meetings Online (IM and HD video conferencing, including Skype for Business app)

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Corporate Social Network (enables your team to collaborate across different departments and locations)

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Maximum Users







Add-on App (including Microsoft Access)

Yes Yes

Business Intelligence (including Power BI Pro and Office Delve Organizational Analytics)


Security Features (including eDiscovery, Customer Lockbox, Data Loss Protection, and Safe Attachments)


Enterprise Voice (PSTN conferencing allows invitees to join Skype for Business meetings)


Cloud PBX for Cloud-Based Call Management (allows you to make, receive, and transfer calls across different devices)


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be connected to the internet?

It depends on your task at hand and what kind of package you are subscribed to. Some packages come with desktop versions of Office 365 apps, while others only have web versions. There are also programs that are only available online so if your office doesn’t have a stable internet connection, Office 365 may not be the right solution.

Can I mix and match subscription packages?

Yes, you can combine different plans. For example, you can choose the basic features for one employee and the entire suite for another. And if you want to save on expenses, you can monitor your team’s app usage to better determine if some of them don’t really need the features they’re subscribed to.

How do you store our company data?

Microsoft stores and creates multiple backups of your files in highly-secure, geo-redundant data centers. Keep in mind that your data is subject to a storage period based on your organization’s retention policies. You must also be aware of the details regarding the Recycle Bin in SharePoint and the Deleted Items in Outlook. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about dealing with the daily backups.

Is Office 365 secure?

Yes, it is. The Microsoft team observes comprehensive safety measures and implements robust defenses to safeguard your company data. However, you are still responsible for the security of your Office 365 applications.

Will Office 365 work on my Android phone?

Most of the time, it will. There really isn’t a standard build for Android so this can be quite tricky to answer, but it should run on mainstream and new Android devices.

Will Office 365 work on my iPhone?

Yes, it will. You can use your browser to access your account or download the Office 365 mobile apps. You can also take advantage of mobile-specific apps like Office Lens for free.

Will Office 365 work on my Mac computer?

Yes, it will. You can even set up BITS for your desktop software if you sign up for the Office 365 Business Premium, E3, and E5 packages.

What if my compliance requirements are complicated?

Office 365 is designed to adhere to most compliance requirements, including HIPAA and HITECH, but it is often advisable to use add-ons where necessary.

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