IT Support

IT Support

First-class support for all kinds of IT issues, no matter the size or complexity

Reach an expert every time you call or send a ticket

We understand that when an IT problem occurs, you want quick, clear solutions so you can get back to work with the least amount of downtime possible. Sundog’s IT Support aims to do just that — provide prompt, on-site or remote assistance and resolve issues so they never occur again.

Our team of trained and certified IT engineers responds quickly to all support calls and tickets. This means you can always rely on first-class expertise to help you get back to work fast. Our technicians will also provide personalized customer care and use plain language so issue resolution doesn't get delayed because of miscommunication.

IT Support in action

IT Support by Sundog give you access to:

Complete Support

Complete end-to-end support from certified experts
Proactive Maintenance

Proactive maintenance
Round the clock monitoring

Round-the-clock monitoring to minimize downtime
System Administration

Comprehensive systems administration
Service Level Agreements

Enhanced Service Level Agreements (SLA)

US-based help desk
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