IT Service in action

IT Consulting

Strategic advisory services to help you make the right IT decisions

Never waste another dime on unnecessary IT investment

Business owners are always looking for advanced, responsive technology to transform how they work. But because of the overwhelming choices and lack of IT know-how, most end up purchasing solutions they don’t really need. That is why you require the expertise of a reliable IT provider like Sundog to ensure you get the most out of your technology investment.

Our consultants regularly participate in training and certification courses to learn the distinct requirements of each industry. We follow a thorough process to ensure you leverage the right IT solutions: We evaluate your present IT infrastructure, learn your business goals and needs, and consider your budget before recommending what’s best for you.


IT Consulting services from Sundog come with:

A Comprehensive Suite of IT Services

Including technology planning, procurement, deployment, and management

Customized Solutions

Solutions that align with your industry and company goals

Data Administration
and Migrations

Software and Hardware
Lifecycle Management

Software Customizations
and Updates
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