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Sundog is Always There for Us … Even After Hours!!!

Sundog is Always There for Us … Even After Hours!!!

“The biggest benefit to us has been the fact that we can give any IT problem, no matter how big or small, to the team at Sundog allowing us to go back to our work with a calm and confident feeling that our issue will be resolved. The follow through of Sundog’s staff is second to none. They are ...Read More

General Manager
Prairie View Dental

Sundog Helps Us Plan for Our Long-term Needs

<strong>Sundog Helps Us Plan for Our Long-term Needs</strong>

“Once we signed up for NetworkCARE with Sundog, we have received quick responses from them on all our service issues. They spend the time needed to understand our organization better than other vendors, and this results in recommendations well suited for us. We meet with Sundog ...Read More

Executive Director
Oak Crest DeKalb Area Retirement Center

Budgeting for IT Was Never This Easy

<strong><center>Budgeting for IT Was Never This Easy</center></strong>

“Before signing up for Sundog’s TotalCARE service, our IT costs fluctuated every month making it hard to predict what our IT spend would be. Since TotalCARE is a fixed fee service, we know that when we have IT issues, the work being to resolve the problem is included. Budgeting for ...Read More

Genesis Pediatric Medicine

Excellent Follow Through and Communication

<strong><center>Excellent Follow Through and Communication</center></strong>

“Since moving to TotalCARE, we have been calling far less for IT support. Sundog performs regular maintenance checks and monitors our technology catching issues before there is a bigger problem. All without us not even knowing there was an issue to begin with. When they do have to handle issues ...Read More

Office Manager
Kishwaukee Cardiology Associates

Our Customers Can Reach Who They Want...When They Want

<strong>Our Customers Can Reach Who They Want…When They Want</strong>

“Before we went with Sundog’s VoIP phone system, it seemed like we were always dealing with missed calls. Now we have a much improved customer interface when they call in. Our customers can reach who they want, when they want, reliably and without the drama like before. And when ...Read More

Whiskey Acres Distilling Co.

Everyone Has Been Extremely Helpful

<strong>Everyone Has Been Extremely Helpful</strong>

“With our old phone system, I had to make the modifications needed when we had to make a change. Things like putting in our holiday hours each year fell to me to do. But no longer with our new SundogVOICE phone system. I love how Sundog asks me now for all the days off that we have throughout ...Read More

Administrative Assistant
Crossview EFCA Church

Peace of Mind...Confidence...Exceeded My Expectations

Peace of Mind…Confidence…Exceeded My Expectations

“The biggest benefit has been the “peace of mind” I have now because they free up my time to focus on other areas and projects that I have on my plate. They give us confidence that our systems are professionally maintained and monitored so we do not need to worry. Another ...Read More

Blackhawk Moving &Storage

With Sundog, You Are Simply Getting the Best

<strong>With Sundog, You Are Simply Getting the Best</strong>

“With TotalCARE, the Sundog team is very educated on our process and make it seem like they work here daily when they help with any kind of issue. They really are a partner to us. When working with their technicians, it is a family like environment and feel. Their in-depth expertise ...Read More

Sales and Project Manager
Pinkston-Tadd, Inc. Roofing Services

Sundog Goes Beyond Just Fixing Our Issues

<strong>Sundog Goes Beyond Just Fixing Our Issues</strong>

“Having peace of mind knowing that our systems are protected, our information is protected, and our organization, as a whole, is protected is how we feel now that we have engaged with Sundog for our IT services. Sundog goes beyond just fixing our issues. The thing I absolutely ...Read More

Vice President of Operations & Human Resources
Voluntary Action Center

Initial Investment Was Considerably Less

<strong>Initial Investment Was Considerably Less</strong>

“Moving to SundogVOICE was a simple decision for us since the initial investment was considerably less than a traditional landline system which is a key driver in public service. The features of the phone system are also outstanding. Features like having my voicemail sent to ...Read More

Executive Director
Mason County Housing Authority

When We Need Help, They Are Amazing

<strong>When We Need Help, They Are Amazing</strong>

“We used to fear that we were missing calls with our old system, but not with Sundog’s VoIP phone system. The single biggest benefit is the ability to customize our individual phones to connect with our customers more effectively. And when we need help, they are amazing. We ...Read More

Redeemed Office

Their Response Time for Questions and Issues is Excellent

<strong>Their Response Time for Questions and Issues is Excellent</strong>

“Having multiple locations for our law offices, communication between them was always difficult. With Sundog’s VoIP phone system, we can now transfer calls between offices easily increasing our firm's productivity. We can also see when someone is on the phone at another location allowing us ...Read More

Managing Partner
Foster, Buick, Conklin and Lundgren, LLC

We Love the Voice Quality of the Phone System

<strong>We Love the Voice Quality of the Phone System</strong>

“Compared to our last phone system, the benefits of SundogVOICE are many. We especially love the ability to have our voicemail converted and sent to our email. But we especially love the voice quality of the phone system. Before Sundog’s VoIP system was installed, we would ...Read More

Creative Therapeutics

No More Wasted Time Dealing with IT Issues

<strong>No More Wasted Time Dealing with IT Issues</strong>

“As a non-profit, we need to spend all our time working on our mission and not be bogged down with IT issues. Since moving to Sundog for our IT services, we are more productive than ever. We love being able to call Sundog for any system issues that come up without spending valuable ...Read More

Executive Director
DeKalb Chamber of Commerce

One Word Comes to Mind … Expertise

<strong>One Word Comes to Mind … Expertise</strong>

“One word comes to mind when summing up our IT service provided by Sundog. Expertise. As a CEO, I know that we have access to IT expertise with the Sundog team that I don’t have on staff. We are in the food business – hiring and maintaining IT expertise on our staff is not ...Read More

The Suter Company

As a Manufacturer, We Found Sundog to be Cost Competitive

As a Manufacturer, We Found Sundog to be Cost Competitive

“While we just began formally transitioning our IT services to Sundog, it is already apparent they are taking ownership of our network and proactively managing risks. Their team possesses solid credentials and experience. They haven’t run away from an issue we have experienced ...Read More

Nehring Electrical Works Co.

Sundog’s IT Service Makes Financial Sense

Sundog’s IT Service Makes Financial Sense

“For the Housing Authority, moving to Sundog for our IT services made financial sense. Our IT costs used to fluctuate every month, and with their TotalCARE service, our costs are now the same every month, and their service is wonderful. A previous IT company I worked with would ...Read More

Operations Director
DeKalb County Housing Authority

Their Service Gives Us a Competitive Advantage

<strong>Their Service Gives Us a Competitive Advantage</strong>

“The biggest benefit to me and our agency is that Sundog knows what we need for technology in order to operate our business successfully. With multiple office spread across a wide area, they make sure all offices are all consistent in their setup to communicate effectively with our main location and ...Read More

Office Manager

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