Thank You Sundog

Thank you to Nate, Adam, Mark, and Tom from Sundog who recently volunteered their personal time after hours and on the weekend to wire and bring wireless Internet access to the entire Theatre. And thank you to Sundog Net who also donated all of the hardware required for the installation. Having internet access throughout the building opens up lots of possibilities for events at the theatre.

Sundog is a rock solid group of professionals. It means everything to us to have real people, dedicated people, standing behind our Internet service. As our company continues to grow, our IT needs will also grow, and we are confident that Sundog will be able to take us where we need to go.

Our facility was stuck with multiple unexpected power outages. When power was restored our server would not boot up. Because our business is based on fast turnaround of custom orders this was a major crisis. Within one hour Sundog had our server in their shop and was diagnosing the problem. Their technicians did a great job keeping us informed of his progress identifying and resolving the problem. Because we wanted the server up and running for the next morning, they offered to work into the night if necessary. By eight pm that night the server was up and running with all the data intact. This allowed us to come in early the next morning and begin catching up on the previous day’s work. Thank you Sundog for your help in keeping a small crisis from becoming and huge one!

Our Center had a hard drive slowly going dead in our server and of course we didn’t know that! However, with ProactiveIT from Sundog, they did. We received a phone call to schedule a tech to come out at our convenience and secure our data before the hard drive failed. Additionally, we ordered replacement drives and were able to eliminate the problem before it caused any down time. Sundog was able to see a potential problem, diagnose and fix it before it actually became a problem that could have lost all our student data. ProactiveIT has paid for itself in just this one instance! I am happy to recommend Proactive IT from Sundog.

Sundog was instrumental in providing a smooth transition when the Park District decided to upgrade and network its’ operations which included a number of remote locations. They worked closely with the staff and the Districts new software provider to identify the best solutions for the implementation of the system. We were very pleased with the results and the ongoing support as a Sundog customer.

Sundog has been there to help up grow. Our company has done business with Sundog for several years, throughout those years our needs have grown as technology changes. Sundog Has been there to help make our business better.

Thanks Sundog. When the Chamber email service is down it is holding all progress from happening at the Chamber. It is also very vital that it is operational at this specific time since we have a golf outing and two other activities tied to the computer system. Thanks for your quick response and Well Done!

Thank you! It's comforting to know that you Sundog guys will always figure out what we can't. :). We appreciate your expertise and the respectful way you do your job.