Sundog Goes Beyond Just Fixing Our Issues

<strong>Sundog Goes Beyond Just Fixing Our Issues</strong>

“Having peace of mind knowing that our systems are protected, our information is protected, and our organization, as a whole, is protected is how we feel now that we have engaged with Sundog for our IT services. Sundog goes beyond just fixing our issues. The thing I absolutely love about Sundog is that their staff feel like our coworkers. You can’t buy that comradery and inclusiveness. They take the time to get to know our agency, our needs, and our technical abilities. They truly feel like they’re a part of our organization! Sundog is more than just an IT contractor. They are great people with great hearts that want to ensure that your organization succeeds. They take pride in being an extension of our agency. Relationships matter. Sundog makes sure of that.”

Vice President of Operations & Human Resources
Voluntary Action Center

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