Initial Investment Was Considerably Less

<strong>Initial Investment Was Considerably Less</strong>

“Moving to SundogVOICE was a simple decision for us since the initial investment was considerably less than a traditional landline system which is a key driver in public service. The features of the phone system are also outstanding. Features like having my voicemail sent to my email inbox has been huge when traveling to multiple locations or out of the office for days at a time. The ability to forward calls to on-call staff for emergencies via the automated operator has been extremely smooth compared to handing out an emergency cell phone number to clients and rotating the cell phone between employees. Troubleshooting and changes are a simple email to the Sundog team with generally a same day fix versus needing onsite tech visits like we had with our old provider. We are so glad we pulled the trigger and partnered with Sundog and would recommend you do the same.”

Executive Director
Mason County Housing Authority

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