Sundog Quoted in Redmond Channel Partner Magazine

Sycamore, IL – 03/06/2012 – Cohen Barnes, President and CEO of Sundog, was recently quoted in the highly reviewed Redmond Channel Partner Magazine on the integration of Microsoft software and networks on Apple products.

Cohen Barnes also has established a relationship with an Apple store that's about 45 minutes away from his shop. Barnes says he decided to have a member of his team join the ACN in order to pick up new business that may have otherwise been out of the solution provider's reach. Seeing the growth of iPads in business and in many of the school districts he services, he felt the new Apple MTC would allow him to integrate those devices with their existing systems.

As of early February, Barnes says there were only 140 solution providers with MTC certification. "If we can get in at the beginning of this, it's going to be that differentiator that's going to put us in front of new people that we never would have been able to get in front of before," Barnes says.

"iPads are popping up everywhere, and the one commonality with all these networks that the iPad is getting brought into is they're all Microsoft networks, and people are really starting to manage them like they manage other devices," Barnes says. "They know they can't stop them from coming in, so network administrators out there and companies out there are wondering how they're going to be able to manage and maintain what could be relatively decent-sized Apple implementations."

Original story by Jeffrey Schwartz, Redmond Channel Partner magazine, March 01, 2012.
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