Worry Free Managed IT Services – That’s the Sundog way with TotalCARE!

If your business is demanding more from information technology, if you have noticed technology is becoming more complex—or if you have realized the shortage of information technology resources—then TotalCARE will enhance your business operations with reliable Managed IT Services by Sundog, and by remote service anywhere in the United States.

Sundog’s TotalCARE is fixed price, worry free Information Technology.

Worry Free Managed IT ServicesOur Managed IT Services program takes computer support and network management to a higher level. With Sundog’s TotalCARE we don’t wait for you to call with problems. Our program is a leading-edge, predictive, problem-solving technology using best practices to reduce risk and prevent problems before they happen. So, you pay to keep your Information Technology up and running—not every time it breaks.

TotalCARE— Managed IT Services that make good business sense!

15 years ago small and medium business operations were primarily comprised of paper-based systems. Today, a large portion of business operations are automated or computer-based. As such, businesses are more dependent on technology than ever before. A server or desktop that is down for only a few hours can have a big impact on operations, customer service and profit.

Small & medium businesses today are operating with the technology complexity of $1 billion companies just ten years ago!

While those larger companies usually have over 50 technology employees, most small businesses have one or less. Information technology is becoming more complex and the layers of technology can become corrupt over time leading to symptoms like system instability or applications crashing. Until recently the only cost-effective way to resolve these issues was to reinstall all the software.

We’re more fortunate today as there are proactive monitoring tools that identify issues at the root cause. With pro-actively managed IT services—identifying and making corrections at the root cause, issues can be resolved before they lead to bigger problems and impact system performance or availability.

Sundog has chosen to change from the traditional support plan of pay-when-your-network-goes-down to a proactive pay-to-keep-your-network-up approach. This adjustment actually creates a win-win scenario between you and Sundog. We take more responsibility for your IT services, in exchange for our customer agreeing to implement tools that are designed to prevent or eliminate problems.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Mapquest, GPS, Google Earth, Smart Phones, IM and Netflix are examples of the relentless advances of information technology today. These same advances allow us to deliver improved and advanced IT services to our customers. Much of the onsite managed IT services that we offer today can be delivered remotely with no trip or mileage charge.

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