Recycling Services

Dispose of your technology the “green” way

In today’s green business environment, disposing of your old technology in an environmentally friendly way is more important than ever, as you may incur fines for not properly disposing of electronics through an authorized channel.

Thankfully, Sundog is an approved recycler, in compliance with all the rules and regulations pertaining to IT recycling. We will properly dispose of and recycle all materials that would otherwise cause environmental hazards if disposed of improperly.

Recycle your PC with Sundog - here's how:

  • Bring your workstation, personal computer or server to Sundog
  • We will ensure that all data has been purged and destroyed according to US Military standards
  • Sundog cleans and refurbishes the unit (if possible)
  • We then donate the unit to a local school or charity, or properly dispose of dead hardware

For just $55 per workstation and $150 per server, can you afford not to dispose of your technology properly?