IT Services

Fully-managed services that have your entire IT infrastructure covered

Proactive management takes IT off your plate so you can focus on your business

If you're looking to outsource tasks to free your staff from computer troubleshooting, Sundog’s IT Services are the answer. We keep servers running optimally, update software to the latest versions, protect your systems from malware and hackers, and keep your daily processes running like a well-oiled machine — without requiring you to lift a finger.

Even if your organization already has an in-house IT department, we can provide support during peak hours or when your technicians are overloaded. Additionally, we can fill the gaps in expertise when it comes to more complex projects such as cloud migration, data backup, disaster recovery planning, VoIP phone deployment, and more.


Cloud Solutions by Sundog give you access to:


24/7 fully-managed services

IT project support and consulting

Server virtualization

Advanced cybersecurity

Network management

Office 365 deployment
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