3 Tips You Need To Know To Protect Your Small-Business Data So You Don’t Get Hacked

Change passwords every 90 days. If you use the same password for everything (and you’ve been using that password for years), there’s a good chance that passwords and related usernames have been stolen. When you don’t change your password, you put yourself at HUGE risk.

6 Time Management Tips for the Busy Entrepreneur

Face it, there will never be enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you need to do. But if you methodically review how you spend your days and instill focus and discipline while completing daily priorities, you will soon find more time to work on the long-term success of your business.

Top Strategies I Learned to Fight Off Complacency and Get Out Of My Comfort Zone

Jesse Itzler is a man of many talents. He spoke at a recent conference this past fall and brought a lot of great business insight with him. Itzler got his start as a rapper in the early ’90s. He worked with artists including Tone Lōc, wrote a song that made it to the Billboard Hot 100 (“Shake It Like A White Girl”) and wrote and sang the New York Knicks theme song, “Go NY Go.” He then went on to write the theme songs for over 50 other professional sports teams.

Sundog Named Business of the Year

The DeKalb Chamber of Commerce declared Sundog their 2017 Business of the Year at their Annual Dinner on January 18th, 2018. Sundog was awarded this prestigious recognition by their chamber peers of over 600 members. The Business of the Year is selected by exhibiting the following for qualities.

SMB Toolkit: Virtualization is the Swiss Army knife of the IT industry

If you’re looking for a way to make your IT systems more flexible and easy to manage, you’ve come to the right place. This article will show you how virtualization creates systems that are designed based on what you need rather than what hardware you have.

Everything you need to know about VoIP phones in Northern Illinois

Let’s start with the basics. Plain old telephone systems (POTS for short), use copper wires to send analog signals that are turned into phone calls. They’re outdated, cost inefficient, and less reliable than their modern alternative. For more than a decade, Voice over IP (VoIP) phones have reduced costs and increased call clarity by switching to high-speed internet connections.

Disaster recovery planning: IT solutions and best practices that lead to success

Our community faces natural disasters that are very different from other parts of the country. We’re lucky enough to be safe from earthquakes on par with California’s, or hurricanes as devastating as those in the Gulf, but 2017’s Lake County floods and spring snowstorm shut down thousands of businesses in Dekalb, Rockford and Beloit.

5 Things SMB owners don’t realize about cloud solutions

Surveys show that 85% of businesses in the US are using more than one cloud solution, so there’s no doubt that the cloud has gone beyond trendy to become the new norm for businesses with 10-100 computers.

Although most people understand that cloud platforms allow you to access files and software applications via the internet, many of our clients in Rockford and Beloit never knew how much more was possible until they signed up for our IT consulting services.

Cybersecurity for SMBs requires a lot more than antivirus software

As a company comprised largely of US military veterans, the Sundog team has a unique perspective on network security. We believe that although military service and IT support take place in widely dissimilar physical environments, their success strategies are closely related.

Mission Complete.

This whole journey has been incredible from start to finish, it’s like the Cubs winning the world series, we all knew it would happen, but now that it has, it’s just surreal.

We’ve been at the new office now for about a week and the space is incredible! There was nothing wrong with our old office, we just needed some room to expand.