Choose SUNDOG for your IT Support in DeKalb, Rockford and Naperville Area.


No Long-Term

Other IT firms lock you in to a long-term contract eliminating their risk of losing you as a client when they cannot deliver a quality service tying your hands from making the best decision for your organization.

We do not require long term contracts because we believe we need to earn your business every day. This focuses our team to provide superior service to our clients making your best interests our priority.


30 Years of

Since 1989, Sundog has been provididing IT services to organizations in the DeKalb, Rockford, Naperville, and Chicago area.



Projects: On
Time/On Budget

Every project is on time and on budget guaranteed. Simply put, we do what we say. Every one of our projects are assigned a dedicated engineer to manage your project

driving efficiency and saving you money and aggravation. And if we were wrong on the scope of the project, then that is on us and we will own it. Guaranteed.

As a Manufacturer, We Found Sundog to be Cost Competitive


“While we just began formally transitioning our IT services to Sundog, it is already apparent they are taking ownership of our network and proactively managing risks. Their team possesses solid credentials and experience. They haven’t run away from an issue we have experienced yet. The Sundog team displays a desire to learn in situations they have not experienced before and show a passion for helping us take things to the next level. They also look for opportunities to install technology to increase our productivity. As a manufacturer, we are always watching our costs, and Sundog is cost competitive. But, while costs are an important factor, it is also important (for me personally) to actually like the people I do business with. I truly enjoy working with the team at Sundog. The combination of these things made it”

Tom Jackowski
Controller Nehring Electrical Works Co.


We are Never
Sick/Never Go on

You have a whole team of Sundog staff available to your organization to resolve day to day problems, deliver on projects, training and consultations every day. Although you have a Primary Engineer that knows

you the best, all our engineers will rotate through your organization over time to drive familiarity with your staff and your operation which is how we can provide the best service possible.

Peace of Mind... Confidence...Exceeded My Expectations


The biggest benefit has been the “peace of mind” I have now because they free up my time to focus on other areas and projects that I have on my plate. They give us confidence that our systems are professionally maintained and monitored so we do not need to worry. Another huge benefit we receive has been their consistency. Each time an issue appears, I know their technicians understand our systems and I work with the same technicians each time (I do not have to explain our network, it’s configuration and the software we employ to a new “face” for each incident). For the last 18 years, Sundog has exceeded my expectations in an IT service provider. They have always been willing and able to assist us with each hardware, software, and network challenge we’ve faced.”

Tom Chwalinski
CFO Blackhawk Moving &Storage


Money Back

We take pride in our work and stand behind it with our 100%, 30-day money back guarantee.


Veteran Owned

Military service is about commitment, hard work and service. These are values we believe are important and we look for them when hiring new staff members. At Sundog, we have a long history of employing veterans from active duty service and those who currently serve in

the National Guard which is why the Department of Defense honored us with the "Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Freedom Award" We take great pride in this honor.


100% of Our
Industry Certified

Every one of Sundog’s engineers hold one or more industry certifications ensuring your security and your compliance issues are in experienced hands.



You Have a
Primary Engineer

Our ‘Primary Engineer’ model ensures a specific engineer at Sundog will always be familiar with the IT infrastructure and the personnel at your organization. Your Primary Engineer will be in contact with you regularly, with what we call a ‘Wellness Check’, and will be kept in touch with your account by all our engineers.

With our Primary Engineer model, you have the best of both worlds. You get our entire team to support you on a day to day basis with your issues and projects, but your Primary Engineer will keep their finger on the pulse of your organization giving you the peace of mind that you are not just another number at Sundog.


vCIO Role

The vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) service is how we deliver on our promise to be a strategic partner to your organization. As your vCIO, we meet as often as needed to discuss what has transpired within your organization between meetings, what is coming and any other future needs.

We discuss technology trends that might be beneficial, we work with your staff on IT budgeting including technology rotation cycles and possible projects, and we recommend new technologies that will bring additional value to your organization.

Sundog Helps Us Plan for Our Long-term Needs


“Once we signed up for NetworkCARE with Sundog, we have received quick responses from them on all our service issues. They spend the time needed to understand our organization better than other vendors, and this results in recommendations well suited for us. We meet with Sundog regularly on a wide variety of projects that help us increase our ability to drive value to our residents. The best thing about Sundog is that they can offer an immediate fix, but also long-term solutions for our IT needs.”

Stephen Cichy
Executive Director Oak Crest DeKalb Area Retirement Center


Our Industry

You are not just hiring Sundog to be your IT provider; you are also gaining access to the knowledge and experience of 250 IT companies from around the world. For over a decade, Sundog has been selected to be part of an industry peer group of 250 technology companies.

Our groups are known and respected in the IT industry and attract vendors like Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, Google and many others to engage with us on a deeper level in a two-way exchange of knowledge driving benefits our clients.

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