Sundog Named Business of the Year

Sundog Named Business of the Year


The DeKalb Chamber of Commerce declared Sundog their 2017 Business of the Year at their Annual Dinner on January 18th, 2018. Sundog was awarded this prestigious recognition by their chamber peers of over 600 members. The Business of the Year is selected by exhibiting the following for qualities.

  • For demonstrating excellence, ethics, and integrity in its business dealings;
  • For having a proven track record of sales growth and job creation;
  • For being respected by both customers and employees; and
  • For their strong community involvement, working to make the community a better place to live as well as work.


Cohen Barnes, owner of Sundog, accepted the award and said there have been many changes over the past year, including the hiring of new staff members and the development of a strategic plan that brought focus on what Sundog wanted to be a as a company.

In March, it was granted approval to renovate and relocate into the former Moxie building at 230 E. Lincoln Highway, and it now is fully operational at its new office.

This expansion was recognized by the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce, as it named the company 2017’s Business of the Year during Thursday’s annual Chamber dinner.

“From an execution perspective, SundogIT really crushed it,” Barnes said. “It was an extremely exciting event finding a building in downtown worth restoring and breathing new life into the building. It was a capstone of an absolutely wonderful year.”

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