Sundog Transitions DSL Internet Customers to Frontier

Sundog Transitions DSL Internet Customers to Frontier

DeKalb, IL – Back in the 1990’s, before Internet giants like Frontier, Comcast and AT&T, TBC Net, Inc. was the main provider in supplying internet to the community. Since then, TBC has remained well acquainted with the upcoming technologies and has decided to leave the Internet business behind and focus attention towards being an IT consultant and computer support specialist. "We cherish the relationships we’ve built within the community, and will continue to strive to be the most innovative and proactive IT Company in the area, but by limiting the services that we provide, we can better exercise our strengths” noted Cohen Barnes, CEO and President of TBC Net. “The companies that offer internet to DeKalb are much faster and cheaper than what we have provided, and we think it essential that our customers enjoy state of the art technology."

Although TBC will be leaving the internet business, it is not to say it is leaving those customers high and dry. TBC has partnered with Frontier Communications, which specializes in serving smaller communities like DeKalb County to aid in a smooth transition. "We chose to partner with Frontier because of their devoted staff, great pricing, and current technologies. Like TBC, Frontier’s employees will be here to help with the migration from our services to theirs", Barnes mentioned. "We love our corporate and residential customers, and appreciate their business through the years. If there is anything to make the conversion easier, we are prepared for questions in store and over the phone."

Customers that have TBC email are being asked to submit their new email address before July 20th, 2012. After that, TBC is offering a complimentary forwarding service that will transfer any messages to the new email of choice until January 1, 2013.

Since 2007 when TBC Net, Inc. began their primary focus on the IT business, they have experienced exponential growth, including being named within Inc. Magazines INC 5000 list of the fastest growing privately held businesses in the United States. "We are so proud and grateful to be recognized within the competitive tech community as being on the cutting-edge."

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