Dealing with fake Windows Phone apps

Dealing with fake Windows Phone apps

The app is arguably the most integral part of any smartphone operating system. It is apps that give our devices the functionality we all want, and the number of apps available is constantly growing. Because of the increase, we are also seeing a rise in malicious software that makes its way onto app stores like the Windows Phone Store.

Windows Phone 8 a great mobile platform

Windows Phone 8 a great mobile platform

In October 2012, Microsoft released their second generation Windows Phone mobile OS in the form of Windows Phone 8 or WP8. Although it replaced the Windows CE-based architecture used in Windows Phone 7, it still features the same interface known as the Metro or Modern UI. After near a year and a half in the market, Windows Phone 8 offers tons of functional features that you will surely love.

The Speech feature on Windows Phone

WindowsPhone_Jan13_AOver the past two years or so, there is one mobile trend that has become a mainstay in both Android and Apple’s iOS. That feature is the voice command, which Microsoft actually implemented in their release of Windows Phone 8. The issue with voice commands on Windows Phone are that not every app supports them, and it may not be easy to tell which apps do.

2 new Microsoft Surface tablets

WindowsPhone_Oct21_ALast year Microsoft released their first two tablets – the Surface and the Surface Pro. While both systems were generally well received by tech experts, they seemed to lack the functionality many companies needed. The price of the Pro was another issue, which made it unaffordable for many businesses.

Windows Phone: 5 free social apps

WindowsPhone_Aug26_ASmartphones are a utilitarian tool. They have given us the ability to connect while on the move, and many people rely on their phones as their main social tool, often checking email and social networks regularly as they are out and about. However, if you have a Windows Phone, you may feel a bit limited when it comes to social media apps.

GDR2 for Windows Phone introduced

WindowsPhone_July29_AThere are an ever increasing number of smartphones on the market today, with new ones being added near daily. While most of these phones run Android, or Apple’s iOS, there is a growing number running Windows Phone. The current version of the Windows Phone operating system is Windows Phone 8. However, there has been a recent incremental update that improves this platform.

From Android to Windows Phone with ease

WindowsPhone_June05_ASmartphones can be considered a must-have for any business owner or manager. The question many have is what phone is best? Most choose to go with either Android or Apple’s iPhone and are generally happy with their choice. There is another option, Windows Phone, which could be a great choice for any business using Microsoft products.

Switch to Windows Phone made easier

WindowsPhone_May08_AWindows Phone isn’t the most popular mobile operating system on the market, and that is a bit of a shame, especially since it’s a good, even a great system. And more users, businesses especially, are starting to realize this and some business owners or managers are looking into buying Windows Phones.