Speed up computers with a pit stop

A brand new computer, regardless of the operating system, is a dream. It boots up quickly, opens and closes programs without delay and is generally fast. Give it a few months, install a few programs and your computer will begin to run slower. After a few years of use, your computer may run so slow, it causes an extreme drop in performance and your productivity.

BYOD made feasible due to Windows 8

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has become a hot-button issue in the business world. Employees want to use their own devices, but IT departments and managers are worried about security of data and general systems. Companies have had mixed results with integration of BYOD, with many still looking for a better way to manage the strategy.

Windows 8 Slims Down Versions

One of the most highly anticipated software launches of this year is Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 8. While the OS is still in the pre-release phase, Microsoft has released a Consumer Preview that gives users a glimpse into the features of the new OS. In mid April, Microsoft announced the different editions that will be available when it’s released.

Windows 7 Not Working? Tips to Fix

Many of us have had the pleasure of working with the Windows Operating System, more specifically, Windows 7. From time-to-time there is a problem and something stops working. When this does happen, our normal response is to hit CTRL-ALT-DELETE; restart the computer, losing what we were working on, and try to start from where we left off.